Compliance & Planning

When your security management is in order staying compliant and planning for your future is easier.

We bring value to your organization through service.We offer specialized capabilities developed over years of experience in compliance:
* Exam support for DFI, FDIC, OCC and Independent Audits
* Remediation
* Business Continuity Planning
* Disaster Recovery

Even with diligent attention to your computing environment and your industry requirements, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) create unique challenges to the operational balance of a company. This is why a dynamic strategy is imperative for most industries today. M&A is more disruptive than the often anticipated changes in regulation or technology. It requires a rethink and realignment to the corporate goals and technology platforms.

Dynamic Strategy is an evolving business plan that requires the definition of every function and an adaptable and measurable action plan to support it. Project planning is often static and inflexible. By adopting a methodology that accounts for technology changes, industry changes, regulatory changes, and M&A–you can remain in balance and aligned with the goals of the company to achieve the desired outcome.